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The death at 88 of Sir Terence Conran has been announced.

During the 1970s, Sir Terence worked closely with Airfix

to design a range of household products.


Septembers's Calendar


August's Calendar



Taken from the Centre Pages of CS75 is this display of the complete range of the Airfix-themed "Elite Tins".

Whilst they can be bought from some retailers at model shows (remember those), they are best obtained from Hornby itself:   -
or by 'phoning:   01843 233525   


CS75 is being printed today and will be posted out tomorrow.

It contains articles on: Humbrol Model Club, HMS Tiger, Type 8 kits, Airfix Pilots (1955-2020), the total number of Airfix models released and more!


The Kit List 6 is now available - see "Constant Scale" page.


July's Calendar

Airfix Model Club Re-launched at 12.00 pm today!

The "Complete Airfix Artist & Kit List - 6th Edition 
is now part of the Airfix Model Club Package as well as the
A.C.C. package.


June's Calendar


CS74 came back from the printer today.
Copies will be posted out tomorrow.


Arthur Ward's latest book as reviewed in CS74


May's Calendar


Airfix to the Rescue!

Taken from today's Daily Telegraph 'Business' section
this front page article suggests that Airfix is once again helping the nation through a difficult period.

In yesterday's Telegraph in the centre pages was an article about online quizzes and the final paragraph read:

Perhaps buying Airfix kits should be considered as

"Essential Travel".


April's Calendar

The Heron and Tiger Moth are both in the shops.


With a new variation to the packaging of the QuickBuild models, I think it is time to allot 'packaging types' to this range.
Therefore, I propose to name the original packaging as: QB1
with the 2020 packaging as: QB2.

(See: "Packaging Types" page)


February's "Blast from the Past"

Copies still available!


CS73 came back from the printers yesterday.

Today it will be sent out to all A.C.C. members along with the Calendar.
(See below)


Below is the page for January from the new
Airfix Vintage Calendar 2020.

Each page is A4-size.

Copies are being sent to A.C.C. members with CS73 next week.

A limited number are available for non-members at £5 each.

P&P for U.K. is £2, Europe is £4 and Rest of World is £5.

To obtain yours, fill in your details on the 'Contact Us' page and submit it. I will then confirm, etc, via your email.


I received my copy of the 2020 Airfix Kit Catalogue from Airfix this morning.
Below are the 2 pages from Constant Scale 73, due out at the end of this week.
The listing shows all the Additions and Deletions in the catalogue for 2020.


I received yesterday my batch of the new
Airfix Vintage Calendar 2020
13 glorious Roy Cross paintings from yesteryear.

Copies will be sent out to A.C.C. members next week along with CS73

A limited number will be available for sale to non-members and I shall give details tomorrow of how to order.

The calendar is in A4 Landscape format.

What a wonderful surprise to find this article in the middle pages of today's Daily Telegraph.

So there is hope for we old modellers.

DT - 02-01-2020.gif (13644992)

Constant Scale 72 has arrived at most members' doorsteps!

The R.M.S. Titanic Gift Set - A50146A- re-surfaced today.

An initial look shows that it is made up of multi-coloured runners to reduce painting to a minimum.

The hull is a one-piece moulding. In my sample, the ice cubes in a bag, had all melted.



Today I received my Buccaneer S.2C kit.
Below is an 'out of the box' review.


Constant Scale 71 has been sent out to all members.


Following receipt of my Hellcat on 19th June, I have now completed an In-Box review of the model.


At the Vectis Auction om 19/06/2019, an original Roy Cross VC10 painting is being auctioned and at the 27/06/2019 auction, the Sea King and Lunar Module paintings are also being auctioned.
More details: or


On Saturday 8th June I received a Press Release from Hornby.
I've only just managed to prepare it for the website. Enjoy.


Constant Scale 70 is back from the printers and will be sent out to all members on Monday.

It contains the first of a series of articles about the Palitoy era.

This is a quick review of the new Spitfire XIV kit


Published on the 25th February 2019 is Jeremy Brook's
second book on the history of Airfix.

"40 Years of Airfix Toys" covers all the toys and games made by Airfix from its foundation until 1981 when Airfix went into receivership and only the kits survived.

Chapters cover:
Toys & Games, Betta Bilda, Motor Racing, Arts & Crafts,
Meccano & Dinky and Railway System/GMR.

A further chapter covers the lesser brands, e.g. Scalecraft and Tri-ang Pedigree.

Airfix Magazines and Packaging styles are also covered.

A final chapter briefly details the other companies in the Industrial Division of Airfix Industries.

For the first time, a complete list of all the known Pattern Numbers is given.

The book is published by "The Crowood Press Ltd" and more details can be found on its website: "".
The cost is £25, although Crowood is offering a 20% discount for on-line orders.


An article on the price of Airfix models has just been placed on the "Constant Scale Page".


The "Complete Airfix Artist & Kit List - 5th Edition"
has just been published.
It is fully revised to include all the 2019 announcements.

Below is a typical page from the 5th Edition

It runs to 76 pages and details every Airfix model ever produced and is fully cross-referenced to show different releases and revisions to kits.

The cost to non-members is £10 plus £2 P&P.
P&P outside of the UK is available upon application.
For more details apply via the "Contacts" section.

Constant Scale 69 is now printed and being sent out to members.


The 2019 Airfix Catalogue has arrived.

Apologies for the quality - my printer is still giving me grief!


A couple of corrections!
The Sea Vixen is of course 1:48 and the "One Step for Man" is 1:76/1:72


On 7th January, Airfix revealed its new Airfix range for 2019

Below are the Additions and Deletions taken from the Website and the January Order Form and they are included in CS69.

It should be up-to-date but I have not received my 2019
Catalogue yet.



Breaking News from Telford!

I am sure 1:72 and 1:48 models will follow

Image of a completed model

All Images courtesy of Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

Further news and images on the "Workbench" blog on



CS68 went out to all members today.
It is the last issue of the current year.

CS69, the first of next year's issues will go out in January
and will include all the 2019 new models.

The updated Kit List 5 will also go out at the same time.


CS68 has gone to the printers and should be sent out to all A.C.C. members early next week.


Club member Peter Williams has just completed a new book on Airfix's OO/HO scale figures. More dertails below:

Below is a typical page from the book.

For more details contact Peter Williams at:


This article appeared in the Daily Telegraph today

There is no mention of the Auction House (Vectis) or the source of the information, but it appears to come from the earlier articles printed below and in Constant Scale!

By coincidence a piece of the 'Master Tracing' artwork by Roy Cross also sold at the same auction, appeared on eBay today!



Airfix has just announced the first new kit for 2019!

Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV - 1:48 - A05135

Images below, courtesy of Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

Taken from Page 6 of Constant Scale 68



The results of the Airfix original artwork sale on 28th August have now been released.

All the Roy Cross artwork sold; the sole other artist painting did not sell.

All figures and images, Courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd.


This is the new Vectis Catalogue for the sale of Airfix Artwork and Catalogues on August 28th 2018.

Cover Image: Courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd.

Copies can be obtained from:

Vectis Auctions – 01642750616/   



The new Box Type 17 has been added to the page on "Packaging Types".


As revealed in CS67, a further 23 Roy Cross and 1 Ken McDonough original paintings have been sent to auction.

They were obtained in 1981 and remained hidden until now.

The 23 Images supplied by Vectis Auctions including the D.H. Heron are shown below:


CS67 was sent out today to all members.

Included inside were details of a further 24 lost original paintings which have been re-discovered. More details are given later.



At the recent Cosford Model Show, Airfix had a small stand showing the latest releases as well as a selection of pre-2000 Airfix models and toys.

The pre-2000 models included Betta Bilda , Toys, Games, Motor Racing and Kits produced by Airfix and were loaned by the Airfix Collectors' Club.



Just announced by Airfix!

Airfix is re-issuing 25 of its pre-CAD 'Legacy' models!

They are a mix of WW1 Figures, OO/HO AFVs, 1:600 Warships and large Sailing Ships.

They will be clearly boxed as 'Vintage' kits with, where possible, original artwork, so purchasers will not be confused as to whether they are new tools, etc.

More details shortly.


Starting with this month, the current page of the A.C.C.'s
2018 Calendar will be displayed.

The calendar which feature 13 Roy Cross paintings was produced for Club members. The Club would like to thank Airfix for permission to use the paintings, Crowood Press Ltd., for supplying the original transparencies and Roy Cross for painting the pictures used in his Crowood books.

Next Month - June!

CS66 (not CS63!) has been sent to all A.C.C. members.

From now on it will contain 28 pages as 4 more Colour pages have been added.


CS66 has gone to the printers and should be ready early next

It contains articles on: Airfix Additions and Deletions 2018,
Airfix in Poland, More missing artwork found, First Lancaster
Box, Another Roy Cross Master Tracing, New Kits reviewed,
Warship Books and QuickBuild reviewed and more!


The 2018 Range has now been revealed and the Additions and Deletions are listed below.

The 2018 Catalogue is now available and the Deletions are taken from it. Both pages will appear in CS66.

2018 Catalogue - 100 pages - £6.99 (U.K.)


CS65 is back from the printers and is being sent out to all
A.C.C. Members


CS65 went to the printers this morning. Hopefully it will be in the post by the weekend.


It contains articles on: Producing Instructions by Richard Petts, Buying kits in the 1950s and 1960s by Nigel Bunce, Storch Master Tracing, New Kit and Historic Kit Reviews, Book Review and more.



The new Blenheim Mk.1F is to be A09186

Just announced on the Airfix Workbench site

New for 2018

Bristol Blenheim Mk.1F in 1:48 Scale
Airfix also suggested that whilst in Finland a MiG 17 might have been measured!

More details to follow.


Many older modellers will remember the range of small warship models produced in the late 1950s and early 1960s by the British company Eagle.

These waterline models were to 1:1200 scale and pre-dated the later Airfix range by around 15 years.

Now, Club member David Welsh has published a book which covers the output of this small company and is illustrated throughout in colour.



The 3rd Edition of the "Complete Airfix Artist and Kit List - 1949-2017 has been published.

It runs to 72 pages and lists every Airfix model ever made from the Ferguson tractor to the first of 2018's new models, the
Vickers Wellington Mk.1C

Below is a sample page showing the new Wellington (A08019).

It is available to non-members at £10 plus £2 P&P (UK)
Europe and Rest of World is £10 plus relevant postage.
Please use the "Contact Us" page to find out more or order.

Constant Scale 64 has been printed and sent out to all members.

Constant Scale 64 has gone to the printers.

CS64 went to the printers today. It contains articles on the Missing Artwork auctioned by Vectis, the reminiscences of an early Type 3 and Type 2 figure artist, Maxi and Marina memories, new and old kit reviews, an Index for CS61-CS64 and more. It should be ready by the weekend. 


First 2018 Kit Revealed!

Just announced in the 50th Edition of Workbench is the first of 2018s new models.

It is a 1:72 Vickers Welligton Mk.1c

More details as to catalogue number, etc, will be given when they become available.


Several pieces of artwork believed lost have just re-surfaced!
They are to be auctioned in July.

Roy Cross is also to auction many more of his 'roughs' and boxtop proofs.

More details as they become available.


CS63 came back from the printers and was posted out to all members


Constant Scale 63 went to the printers on Wednesday and I hope to get the proof on Monday. It contains articles on:
Modelling H.M.S. Suffolk, 1960s & 1970s East Anglian Model Shops, Older Models and Games reviewed, Foreign Language Catalogues updated, Camel 'rough', Tooling Log pages and more!


Daily Telegraph - 08/04/2017

As the picture suggests, Hornby is finally almost back on the rails!


The following publication has just appeared.
As well as lots of information and pictures about Lancasters,
past and present, there is a page devoted to the most famous
Lancaster kit, Airfix's "G-George" with its fabulous Roy Cross
painting, which is arguably the most loved aircraft box art.


Constant Scale 62 went out to all members today.


Constant Scale 62 went to the printers yesterday
See "Constant Scale" page.


I have now received my copy of the 2017 Catalogue.
Below is the list of Additions and Deletions to the 2017 range
which will also appear in Constant Scale 62 - due out shortly.

A dramatic 'cull' was not unexpected but there are still some very exciting new models to look forward to.

Ranges and kits deleted should still be available in model shops, etc, for some time to come.


I have now fixed my uploading problem!
Below is the listing I created for Constant Scale.

2017 Programme of Releases

Airfix followed its new policy of announcing several new models for the next year in its fortnightly "Workbench" on-line blog as well as an important model reveal at Scale Model World at Telford in mid-November.

Following some 'teasers' another new tool was revealed in the Winter edition of the Hornby Hobbies Club magazine. The rest of the 2017 new releases were due to be announced on January 4th with the catalogue (A78197) following shortly after.

A total of 7 new tools had been made public along with 4 re-releases/new variants, all aircraft apart from the QuickBuild Camper Van. The 4 re-releases including the new variant model (Shackleton AEW.2) were shown in the 2017 calendar given free in Airfix Model World.

All of 2016's new models are now out so the range below is the complete range for 2017 and includes the late 2016 announcements shown in bold:

New Tools:

A02104     Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c Scout   1:72
A03088     Messerschmitt Me262A-1A               1:72*
A05131     N.A. P-51D Mustang                        1:48*
A06015     N.A. B-25C/D Mitchell                      1:72*
A06016     McDD Phantom FG.1                       1:72*
A06105     Hawker Sea Fury FB.11                   1:48*
A09183     Supermarine Walrus Mk.1               1:48*
A11005     Avro Shackleton AEW.2                  1:72
A03089     Junkers Ju87B-2/R-2 Stuka               1:72
A04061     Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV Bomber         1:72
A05132     Boulton Paul Defiant NF.1                1:48
A05133     Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.IIB                  1:48
A05134     Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.1B            1:48
A07115     Junkers Ju87B-2/R-2 Stuka               1:48
A08018     Boeing B-17 Fortress Mk.III               1:72
A09184     Gloster Meteor G.8 Korean War         1:48

J6017       V.W. Camper Van                            N/A*
J6018       Red Arrows Hawk                             N/A
J6019       Lamborghini Aventador - White         N/A
J6020       Bugatti Veyron - Black & Red            N/A
J6021       McLaren P1 - Green                          N/A

Airfield & Starter Sets:
A55116     Jet Provost T.3 Starter Set                1:72
A12010     WW2 USAAF 8th A.F. Resupply Set  1:72

Re-Releases (Suffix A):  
A01003A   Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.IIB                  1:72
A01004A   N.A. P-51D Mustang                         1:72
A01005A   Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero                     1:72
A02017A  Supermarine Spitfire PRXIX             1:72
A03080A   Messerschmitt Bf110C/D                  1:72
A04053A   Fairey Swordfish Mk.1                      1:72

I make it a total of 29 new releases, made up of 7 New Tools(*), 14 New Variants of existing New Tools, 6 Re-Releases/New Decals and 2 Sets.
The 4th January announcement included the usual number of new releases, however, there were no more new tools! Most of us had been expecting several new aircraft models plus possibly a Luftwaffe Resupply Set to service a new Ju88; we'll have to wait another year for that! Interestingly, the Sea Fury was not shown on the 28 new models revealed on the website, but is shown on the pictures above and in the description (later added).

Non-aircraft modellers will not be happy but the then it was not expected that many, if any, non-aircraft would be tooled at the moment.

The new tool aircraft are obviously very exciting and we can expect to see in 2018 further variants of these and also their appearance in different scales.
The majority of the "New Tools" section is made up of minor variant changes to previous models which were factored into the original new tool. This will clearly please fans of those particular aircraft. The re-releases will freshen up those aircraft and should promote further sales.

There are no more WW1 models or any Dogfight Doubles and only one Starter Set. So after all the pre-Christmas excitement, the rest of the range is perhaps disappointing but probably reflects the poor financial position still pertaining at Hornby.

I shall list the Deletions as soon as I have the Catalogue - probably at the weekend. 

Airfix New Additions for 2017

Airfix revealed today the New additions to its range for 2017.
Due to 'server issues' I cannot at present post the list.

However, there are 29 new models including the new tools announced earlier. There are NO new tools but 14 variants of 2016's new models (e.g. Ju87B-2/R-2 in both scales).
 Also there are 6 're-decalled' aircraft and 2 new Sets including a not-unexpected 8th Air Force Resupply Set.
There are 4 more Quckbuilds - all variants of existing models.

Not very exciting for those hoping for more NEW tools but some interesting variants, nonetheless.

For aircraft enthusiasts, there is good news that Airfix is still producing new tools


Airfix has just confirmed the following new model:

N.A. B-25C/D Mitchell - 1:72 - A06015

Available Nov/Dec 2017.


Airfix is on BBC Radio 2 at 5.20 pm (17.20) today on the Simon Mayo show!


Telford Announcement!

McDonnell-Douglas FG.1 Phantom 11

1:72 - A-6016

Landing in October 2017


Latest Workbench Announcement!

Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 - 1:48 - A06105

Images on the Workbench Site.


Just announced on Workbench!

North American P-51D Mustang

1:48 Scale - A05131

Images can be found on the "Workbench" site.

There is still the big announcement to come at Telford!!


Latest Workbench Announcement!

Supermarine Walrus Mk.1 - 1:48 - A09183

The Me262 is to be A03088


Just announced on Workbench is the first of 2017's
new models:

Messerschmitt Me262-1A in 1:72 scale

A 1:48 model is bound to follow


Constant Scale 61 was collected from the printer
and posted out to all members.


Constant Scale 61 went to the printers today.
It contains articles on: Towns Revisited (1:600 warship models),
Older Airfix Products, Kits and Games,
Bulldog 'rough' and kit review and an article on Airfix's steps into the North American market with input from Ralph Ehrmann on the early days.
Plus more.

Constant Scale 60 has been sent out to all members!


nstant Scale 60 has just gone to the printers!


I have just received my copy of the new 2016 Airfix Kit Catalogue.
It is an A5 'Landscape' publication running to 72 pages.

The first 45 pages detail the Airfix models and the remaining pages
are devoted to the Humbrol Range.

The cover price will be 4 Euros or £3

It should be in the shops shortly.


Constant Scale 59 came back from the printers today
and has been posted out to all members.


CS59 went to the printers yesterday.
It contains articles on: Airfix 2016, WW2 Warship Camouflage, Modelling HMS Ajax, "Company Loyalty Bites Back" by Graham Westoll, Older Airfix Toys & Games reviewed, Historic Airfix Models reviewed, Hornby news, Book updates and more.


Whilst looking through the early issues of Constant Scale, I re-discovered this interesting article
from CS9 in the Winter of 2001.

The image was supplied by Club member and Airfix enthusiast Mario Wens.

I conducted in-depth investigations to write the article. I have not received any further news in the 14 years since it first appeared. If any one has more information, please let me know.

Readers of my new book will realise it was not included, so this should be of interest.


Crowood has informed me that my book has now arrived at their warehouse.

So the book is officially published today.

Quickest way to get it is to buy from Crowood or

The Aviation Bookshop, who should still have signed copies.

Crowood is offering it on its website - "" with a 20% discount, plus £2.50 P&P.

So the final cost delivered, will be £22.50 (cover price £25).


Below is the final range for 2016, following the November 16th announcement.


2016 Programme of Releases

Please see 16th November posting for latest programme of releases and deletions.

Below is a signed copy of my new book.
Roy Cross¬ signature is opposite some of his famous artworks.

The book will be available from 23 November when the bulk arrive in the U.K. and can be purchased from "Crowood" for £25, which includes a discount which pays for the postage!

If you want a signed copy now, then "The Aviation Bookshop" has a number available at £25, but you will probably have to pay postage.

Roy Cross at The Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells.


Several new tools were announced at Telford, including the H.P. Victor B2 and a 1:48 Stuka.
More details will be posted once I have completed the listings and following Airfix¬s announcement due now on 16th November.


CS58 has been sent out to all members (see Constant Scale page).

60 Years of Airfix Models is now being printed for a Mid November publication date.
See below for Telford details.

2 New Airfix Models

Airfix has just announced two new releases for 2016!

A05130   Curtiss P-40B - 1:48

Which means that A05129 is as yet unallocated (Zero?)

Nakajima B5N1 Kate - 1:72

As yet it does not have a catalogue number, but it is A04058 (B5N2) with an extra runner included to make the earlier variant.



There has been a slight delay, unconnected to the book, which means it will not be published until the middle of November. This means that I have managed to update the book to the end of August and the B-17G!

However, the Aviation Bookshop is having a batch flown over, hopefully to arrive before Telford.
I shall be on the Aviation Bookshop stand, where I will be signing copies. I will also have a new batch of the Artist and Kit List, which will have small revisions following feedback and will include any new models announced before Telford.

Constant Scale 58.

CS58 has gone to the printers and should be ready next week. More details when I receive them from the printers.

New Models for 2016

Hornby announced its new Work Bench site in late July, where it has been keeping modellers informed about progress with its new models.

At the same time it has been revealing new models for 2015!

So far 8 new kits have been announced:

A01086   Fokker Eindecker E.11 - 1:72

A020101    R.A.F. BE2c - 1:72

A05128    B.P. Defiant Mk.1 - 1:48

A09182    Gloster Meteor F.8 - 1:48

A08017    Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - 1:72

A06304    U.S.A.A.F. Bomber Re-supply Set - 1:72

A06015 ?   Heinkel He 111 ¬H¬ - 1:72

A19001   Hawker Typhoon "Car Door" Variant - 1:24

The first 6 are all new tools. The Heinkel is the new kit but with extra runners to make the ¬H¬ variant.
The Typhoon was unofficially revealed after the release of the 1:24 kit. It has now been confirmed.
CAD images and more details can be found on the Airfix Website, under "Work Bench".

More new models are expected to be announced before Telford. 


The Gallery Page is now live!

I have put the latest boxtops from Hornby in it.


Below is the cover of my new book.

The Index was completed and handed to the publishers today. Final work will now take place and the book will be published later in the summer.

More details when I get a date.

The book brings together much of the work that has gone into Constant Scale over the last 15 years
and brings it all together in one book.

As well as yearly listings of every model released by the kit division of Airfix, there are chapters on
the Logos, Packaging, Artists, Airfix Magazine and Airfix books.

The 60 years dates from the first Spitfire, BT-K, released in 1955, up to the latest Spitfire in 2015
as BT-K was the model that really launched Airfix kits.
The content actually goes from 1952, but "63 Years of Airfix Models" was not so ¬catchy¬!



CS57 is now out! See "Constant Scale" page.


Here is the cover of the new Airfix Artist and Kit List.

It is also being sold by "The Aviation Bookshop"

31-33, Vale Road
Tunbridge Wells

Tel: 01892 539284




New Books on Airfix Kits

Just published by the Airfix Collectors¬ Club is:

"The Complete Airfix Artist and Kit List 1949-2015"

Compiled by Club Secretary Jeremy Brook and endorsed by Airfix, this 72-page A4 size
book lists every model released by Airfix since the Ferguson Tractor in 1949 and includes
2015¬s announced releases.

Each model is listed by its latest catalogue number and includes all previous numbers used.
Extensive cross-referencing shows where models have moved series, etc. Also shown is the
year of release and the identity of every known artist for the boxtops.

A recent study of the surviving Airfix archive at Hornby has provided further information.

The first copies have been sent to A.C.C. Club members and the book is now available to
non-members. The prices for non-members, which include P&P, are:

U.K. - £10

Europe & Eire - £15

U.S./Canada/Australia/N.Z. - £18

To order a copy or find out more please use the contact details on the Contact page.

Coming in June!

Being published in Late June 2015 is Jeremy Brook¬s second book on Airfix Kits.

Provisionally entitled "60 Years of Airfix Kits" it describes every model produced by Airfix
since the early 1950s but takes the 60 years from the 1955 release of Spitfire BT-K.

It is being published by Crowood Press.

More details will be given as they become available.



Some recent boxtops


Extract from an Obituary in today¬s Daily Telegraph:


CS56 went out to all members today.


CS56 went to the printers on Friday and should be going out to club members next week.

It contains articles and pictures on: Airfix 2015 Additions and Deletions, Airfix 1981, New Squadron Releases 1979-81, The Mainline catalogue 1982, Kit Reviews from 1981 and 2015 and more.


I have added some recent news items from Airfix.


Merry Christmas to all.

May your stockings in 2015 contain many of the below!


What we¬ve all been waiting for!

More details and pictures in CS56 in January.


Roy Cross with Airfix Researcher Simon Owen.

At the book signing at the Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 6th December.

Signed copies are available from the bookshop on 01892 539284


The short article below appeared in the "Straight & Level" section of
"Flight International" for the week: 25 Nov to 1 Dec 2014.


Constant Scale No 55 was sent out today to all paid-up members.

It contains articles on: 1980¬s Releases, 2007 - What might have been, The Artwork of Keith Woodcock,
Book, Kit and Product Reviews, Roy Cross Book Review and more.


Report in today¬s Daily Telegraph about Hornby¬s Results.


I was on the Airfix stand on the Saturday and attended the lecture at 11 0¬clock.

At the lecture details were given of the new LIDAR - Light Radar technique that is being used to accurately
map the shape of new models (See the Airfix web pages for more information).

3 new tools were announced, 2 of which used the new method. They were a Heinkel He111-P2 and a Seaking HC4.
The Heinkel is a Battle of Britain era aircraft and based on a restored example (like the Dornier). The Seaking mould is now badly worn so the new tool will be very welcome. Both aircraft will be able to be released in several versions over time.

The ¬Star¬ announcement was a new tool Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 to replace the inaccurate but popular Defiant NF.1.
It was announced at 1:72 scale, many modellers were hoping for a 1:24th Defiant! We may see 1:48 and 1:24 Defiants
in the future but at present a new 1:24 kit would consume too much time and effort immediately following on from the Typhoon.

Airfix are planning to replace several more of the tired, old tools as well as introduce some new subjects, but we will have to wait till December for those.

The above announcements show that Airfix is taking note of what modellers want and working steadily towards satisfying their wishes.


The new Roy Cross book should be in the shops in the next two weeks.

This review is written for Constant Scale No.55 due out shortly.


New Roy Cross Book


Meet Roy Cross – AIRFIX Artist
Who will be signing copies of his latest book:


To reserve your signed copy please call: 01892 539284
Saturday 6thDecember 9am – 6pm

( except for those being signed )

The Aviation Bookshop
31-33 Vale Road, Tunbridge Wells
Kent, TN1 1BS
Tel: 01892 539284


Airfix artist Keith Woodcock, who will appear in CS55, recently issued this press notice:





In July this year, Keith moved into Studio 10 at the Ropewalk, Maltkiln Road, Barton on Humber, North Lincolnshire , DN18 5JT.

The Ropewalk is a growing art/craft complex and comprises 3 galleries, a framing department, 12 studios, print workshop, creative industries, an excellent café plus a catering academy and an auditorium where films, drama, comedy and music are regularly featured.

His new larger studio now allows him to display his full range of original paintings and limited edition aviation and motoring prints, many being either driver or crew signed.

Although the Ropewalk is open 7 days a week, the studios are not normally accessible to the public, but all of them will be open at the special “Insight Open Studios” event on September 20/21 and 27/28 weekends. However, Keith will be delighted to receive visitors at any other time by prior appointment – contact him on mobile 07419 775918 or 07799 501786, home 01652 660601 or by email at

Having been elected a Fellow of the Guild of Aviation Artists last year,

he had 4 paintings accepted for the annual Guild exhibition in the Mall Galleries in London, 3 of these winning 2 Awards and a Highly Commended.

Keith will also be exhibiting at the Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Gallery in Tuxford, just off the A1, 10 miles north of Newark. “A Century of Aviation” will mainly feature Keith and Mark Postlethwaite together with 4 other invited artists and will open on 14th September when it is hoped many veterans will attend. There will be a wide variety of paintings on display and new limited edition prints will also be released. The exhibition will close on 5th October.





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